Friday Nov 19, 2021

Episode 2: Zintle Xakawe

In Partnership with Krypton Mining:

Zintle Xakawe does not see challenges, but opportunities.
Even if it means navigating politics in a previously male-dominated environment.

As a Business Solutions Analyst with Krypton Mining, Zintle’s daily challenges are to optimise production and increase efficiency in the mining industry.

As a child, living in Mdantsane, Zintle became used to looking for solutions from an early age, and at university decided that she wanted to pursue a career in Business Systems Analysis.

She eventually discovered mining, and, more specifically, Krypton Mining, who jumped at the opportunity to obtain and promote her talent.
According to Zintle, Krypton’s mission is to leave a mark of realisable value in mining…

Jacques Basson

Version: 20240320